Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dropping some NYC

It's probably time, right? Christmas was more than a month ago and I haven't posted any stories or pictures about it yet.

Let's start with our trip to NYC. It's a pretty short train ride from Rhinebeck to Grand Central Station. Mat and I have been wanting to take Braeden to the city for a year now. I chickened out last year worried he was still too young to make it through an entire day. He did well this year but I definitely think we were right to wait the year.

We took the train down the Sunday morning after Christmas. I felt bad about it because it was Gagey's birthday but it was the best weather day we had. Braeden had a great time on the train. It's such a beautiful ride down along the Hudson. I was so excited to show him Bannerman's Island which he loved. He started to get antsy just as we reached the city so that was a pretty lucky break. We got off the train and hopped on the subway to the Empire State Building.

Braeden was soooo excited to go up to the top. And I'm not good with heights so Mat took him up and I sat a Starbucks on the ground floor and knit. I can't possibly tell you the whole story of how Mat and Braeden got to the top but trust me when I say it took more than THREE hours of standing in lines, $60, and the kindness of one very understanding employee.

When they finally got back down to the ground we had lunch then went over to Rockefeller Center to see the big tree, the golden man, and the ice skaters (or in our case, the zamboni).

Braeden loved the big tree. And I'm glad we took him to see it, but I've never been around that many people all trying to see the same thing and stand in the same 12 square feet.

But even with all those people, we still managed to get some of my most favorite pictures.

After fighting our way through the crowds at 30 Rock, we went to FAO Schwartz. We certainly didn't get away from the crowds by going there. But we promised Braeden we would take him, and he definitely had a good time looking at all the toys.

The last stop we made was to see the Public Library lions. Mat had a hot dog and Braeden and I had a pretzel before heading back to Rhinebeck.