Monday, June 08, 2009


Braeden and I were snuggling in my bed tonight. He decided I should fall asleep and he would be my rooster who woke me up. He cock-a-doodle-dooed and I pretended to hit the snooze button. He didn't like that I ignored my wake-up call.

He looked at me and said, "I crush you!"

I burst out laughing and asked him where he'd heard that.

Danimals crush cup commercial!

And that only made me laugh harder. You see that commercial is on some nights when we're watching Spongebob or Penguins of Madagascar (my new favorite cartoon!). Braeden even made the little finger crushing motion and scrunched his mouth up like the boys do on the commercial.

Once he knew I thought it was so funny, he couldn't stop doing it. He crushed the chandelier, the clock, the TV, his name it, he crushed it!

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