Saturday, May 02, 2009


Friday morning I took Braeden to the dentist. We tried to get x-rays of his teeth but he couldn't hold the film in his mouth. Every time the hygienist got it situated, he would push it away with his tongue or start coughing. I'm sure it was uncomfortable for him and he doesn't understand how to sit still with it in his mouth and just wait it out. Personally, I don't see what the big deal is. Apparently we'll try again at his next appointment in November.

Other than the x-rays, his appointment went well. He had no plaque on his teeth, so we can feel good about the brushing we do twice a day. The dentist said we might have to worry about the fact that there's no space between his bottom teeth. He said sometimes no space between baby teeth means when the permanent teeth come in there won't be enough room and he'll need braces to straighten them. It's not worth worrying about it now, although Mat did joke we should start the orthodontics saving account now. :)

When we finally got out of the dentist office, I took Braeden to school. I thought I would just peek in the window of the door at Gage. The kids were getting ready for lunch, so they were climbing on a small stool in front of the little sink to wash their hands. I was so excited to watch Gage, so I was glad to see he was next in line. He climbed right up on the stool and stuck his hands under the water. His teacher was helping another kid dry his hands, so he waited for her with his hands in the water. She turned back to him and squirted soap in his hands, then helped him wash his hands. When she let go of him, he put his hands back under the water until she helped him down from the stool and dried his hands off.

It was adorable! And it made me wish we had a sink that was about two feet off the ground so Gagey could wash his hands at home too.

Then she told him to get in his chair. He walked right over and climbed into his chair to wait for lunch. And that's when he saw me. He stared at me for about a minute before getting up and walking towards the door. When I opened it to go in, he got this huge smile on his face and ran to me. Normally I would worry about interrupting his day and then leaving him there, but it was okay Friday because I could leave him eating lunch.

These photos are from last weekend. My friend from Rhinebeck, Misty, and I went to the herb festival sponsored by the Women's Center and we took Braeden with us. I loved his outfit and thought he looked so cute, so I had to take a picture. It was a little dark in the kitchen, so it didn't come out that well. But he's still adorable!

I bought basil, parsley, and rosemary at the herb festival. We dropped Braeden off at home, then Misty and I went to Chapel Hill. We had lunch at Weathervane, shopped at Trader Joe's, and 10,000 Villages then came back home. It was a great day. And so much fun to spend time with someone I've known my whole life. It's funny how nice it is to have someone like that when you live so far away from where you grew up. We always end up talking about people we know--what they're doing now or something funny we remember about them from 10 (or more) years ago.

Then there's cutie-pie Gage in a one-piece from Carter's. I bought two sets of these and would love to go back for two or three more! He looks so cute in them.

And this is a little washcloth I knit for Braeden. It's a little hard to tell in the photo, but it has a VW bug on it. There's a little heart on the door of the bug and at the top it says Beebeeep. I'm not sure Braeden really sees the car design, but he loves that I knit him a washcloth to play with in the tub. And that's enough for me!

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Me-ma said...

May I have a washcloth for my birthday!! please, oh please -- just too cute for words. And you are extremely talented!