Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

What a wonderful Halloween!

This was the first year Braeden really got it. He put his doctor costume on right away and was ready to go. We got Gage dressed in the orange, black, and white striped onesie with the little spider. Then we were off. We must have gone to 10 or 12 houses before heading back to our cul-de-sac. Only two of our neighbors had their lights on. We tried anyway, but they didn't come to the door. Braeden was disappointed for about 4.2 seconds then dragged me off to the next house.

He was great about saying trick-or-treat, happy halloween, and thank you at each house which made me very happy. And if people asked, he would tell them he was a doctor.

When we got back to the house we turned our outside lights on so that the trick-or-treaters would know we were home. The first time the bell rang, I passed out candy to the kids. After that, Braeden decided it was his job to pass out candy. And he was amazing. And so darling. He insisted on giving two pieces of candy to each kid. He would ask kids how old they were (or as he would say it, how many are you). He would tell kids he liked their costumes. He even told two little girls they looked cute. Near the end, when we were running low on candy, I told him he needed to give out just one piece to each kid. So when he handed out the candy, he would tell them he could only give them one piece. He took his job very, very seriously. I was so proud of how grown-up he was.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

At the dentist

Braeden was perfect at the dentist this morning. He got his teeth cleaned then flossed. And he got a fluoride treatment. There were a bunch of flavors to choose from and he picked orange. They tried to do x-rays but his mouth was too small to hold the thing.

The glasses are to shield his eyes from the bright light they use. He liked the chair that moved up and down and reclined back, but he didn't like having to lie so far back on it. I think he was worried he would fall off, but I held his hand and that relaxed him. They also had Spongebob on the TV when he walked in, so he was happy. In fact, that explains the super-intense look on his face.

At the end of the visit he had his pick of toothbrush. He had to decide between Shrek and Diego. Tough choice for a boy who loves both, but ultimately he picked Diego. It well with the Dora toothbrush we already have.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Preschooler food anxiety

Short post tonight...

I asked Braeden what he wanted for dinner tonight and he said macaroni then went to the pantry and pulled out a box of mac and cheese. I agreed to make that and thought we would have hot dogs too. But there was only one hot dog in the freezer. So Mat and I had hamburgers with our mac and cheese. And I steamed broccoli. I told Braeden he had to eat one piece, and he agreed.

We sat down at the table, and he wolfed down his mac and cheese and his hot dog. He drank his chocolate milk but still hadn't touched his broccoli. His one tiny piece of broccoli.

I asked him nicely to eat it. He reminded me that the last time I made him eat broccoli, he threw up. I explained that it wasn't the broccoli that made him throw up, it was the fit he threw. I told him he couldn't leave the table until he ate it. I told him he wouldn't be able to watch cartoons if he didn't eat it. And finally I told him I was taking his plate away and he could get down but I would not turn the TV on. Once I got up, he started acting like he was going to eat it, but he kept messing around with it.

So I took his plate and cleaned off his hands. He began to cry because he finally realized he wasn't going to get to watch cartoons. Mat suggested we dip the broccoli in the cheese sauce and Braeden agreed to eat it.

He was standing up in the kitchen when I fed him the piece and he started to chew it. He coughed a few times and we knew immediately that he was trying to make himself throw up. I told him not to do it, to stop. But instead he threw up on our kitchen floor. We were so, so mad at him!

We cleaned him up and sent him to time-out. Mat cleaned up the floor and I went to check on Braeden. He was doing fine but we made him stay in time-out until it was time for his bath.

I just can't believe he did this again.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Silly boy!

Quick post tonight...Braeden knows how to spell Gage's name now. And tonight I was teaching him to spell Potter.

I told him we were going out to dinner tonight and I asked him where he wanted to go. He said Arbys because we just ate there on our way home from the beach. Then he said Monterreys but I knew Mat was really tired of going there. So then he had to decide between Monterreys and Moe's. When I pushed him for an answer, he said in his most exasperated tone, "Mommy, I have to think about this." We ended up at Moe's.

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us. I wish we could just be lazy but we have tons of errands to do and Mat's parents are visiting on Sunday.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


A couple weeks ago Braeden came home from the grocery store with a small pumpkin. He was so proud of it he immediately put it on the dining room table. Then last week his class went to the pumpkin patch on a field trip. Isn't that cute?? And he brought home a small, white pumpkin. So that went on the table too.

When I went to the grocery store Tuesday when we got home from the beach, I bought the little gourds I love so much. I got a little bumpy one, an egg-shaped one that has a green base and an orangey-yellow top, and two baby pumpkins.

Braeden was so so excited when he saw them on the table with his two pumpkins. The white one is the momma pumpkin, the orange one is the daddy pumpkin, and the little ones are the babies.

When he eats dinner he likes to have one of the baby pumpkins on the placemat next to his plate. And he always wants one of the gourds to hold while he watches TV. Only he asks me for one of the vegetables. One of the little vegetables.

So cute!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My boys play!

At some point my video of Braeden and Gage playing together will load on youtube and I'll post it here. Until then, just know that there is a really cute video coming of my two boys playing together. This is one of the first times they've played together without one of them freaking out or starting to cry. Sometimes Braeden plays too rough for Gage and sometimes Gage messes with Braeden's toys or knocks down his tower upsetting Braeden. But today they played so nicely together I had to run to get the camera.

I didn't realize turning the camera wouldn't automatically rotate the video I was shooting, so I'm sorry the last 15 seconds are sideways. It's like on Barefoot Contessa when she leaves the top of the cake rounded instead of leveling it off. Rounded cake=homemade and old-fashioned. Leveled-off cake=professional and boring. My videos are liked rounded cakes. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I just cannot get over how big Braeden looks in this jacket with his hat on backward. It was so windy that Bray's hat blew off a couple of times.

We went down to the beach after lunch to fly the $5 kite Mat bought at one of the stores on the boardwalk. Turns out Braeden doesn't care too much about kites but I think Mat enjoyed it until the string broke.

Friday, October 17, 2008

on the road

We left home around 5:15 snd just got back in the car after a quick dinner at Arby's. Braeden is telling me a story about a tower that is wet and tired. (The "toy" in his kids meal was a pop-up book on the Eiffel Tower.)

Mat says we should be at Virginia Beach around 10:00 tonight. Hopefully Gage will fall asleep now that it's dark and he's nursed and eaten banana. I hope Bray will sleep some too since he'll be awake for a while once we get to the hotel.

The car is stuffed! In my list last night I forgot to mention my pump and the three or four other random bags that I had to add to our load in the few minutes before we left. We have too much stuff!!

Mom and dad are already there, and Abi and Jeremy will drive down tomorrow.

I'm posting with my blackberry so this is all I can manage for now. More tomorrow from the beach!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Packing overload!

Tomorrow we're going to the beach! We've been looking forward to the trip for a while now, especially Braeden.

I just can't believe how much stuff we're bringing with us!! Gage is going to sleep in the pack-n-play and Bray will sleep on an inflatable bed. We've got his suitcase and a bag with Gage's clothes and diapers in it. Mat and I each have a bag packed with clothes. There are a few bags with food and a bag with beach towels, extra wipes, sippy cups, and medicine. Then there's the bag with Mat's rollerblades. And the bag full of toys. And Braeden's dog. And a gift bag with birthday presents for mom and dad. We also need to bring mom and dad's advent calendar. And maybe our kitchen sink. :)

We'll be leaving tomorrow after work and coming back sometime on Tuesday. And how will I live up to the terms of my own blogging challenge? Well, I guess you'll just have to keep coming back to find out. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I promised to post more about Braeden's spelling, and here we go!

I've already told you he can spell mommy, mom, and Bob. He can also spell his name! At first the only time he was spelling his name was when we were snuggling in his bed. Since he has his name on his wall I just figured he was reading the letters, but I covered his eyes and made him spell it again. When he does it he always spells out Braeden Rhys, never just Braeden. :)

He can also spell Dylan, another of his classmates. He hasn't spelled any of his other friends names but he does do something else. He'll tell me that there are two A's in Makena. And one K. Or that Macy has a Y in her name. Or that Matthew has two T's in his name.

Cute, right?

What makes me nuts, though, is that he says Y starts with me meaning his name starts with a Y. I always explain to him that he HAS a Y in his name not that his name STARTS with a Y. But he keeps insisting that his name starts with a Y. He'll get it eventually. I'm just impressed he knows as much as he does!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


This is hard for me to believe but I've never posted about the cartoons Braeden likes to watch!! Cartoon time is very important in our house. Braeden gets to watch TV after breakfast and after dinner (if he's gotten a green light at school, if he's been a good boy for us, and if he ate all his dinner).

He goes through these phases with cartoons. Like for weeks all he wants to watch is Spongebob. Then suddenly he's over that and wants to watch something else. For a long time after dinner he would watch Baby Looneytunes and Krypto the Superdog. I didn't care for the looneytunes but I did like Krypto and was kind of sad when he got tired of that.

My parents gave him a Blue's Clues DVD this summer so he's been into that now. We're lucky because there are two episodes on in a row in the mornings. While we get ready for work, Bray watches Blue's Clues. And he writes stuff down in his handy-dandy notebook. Or sits in his thinking chair. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about then you obviously need to watch one or one hundred episodes of Blue's.

The schedule is totally different on the weekends which Braeden doesn't understand. Usually we end watching Sprout for the good night show or the sunny side up show. Then he can watch episodes of a bunch of different shows like Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, or Berenstein Bears. Berenstein Bears was another of his phases. He had to watch it EVERY morning! We've got several of the books and have seen some of the episodes four or five times.

My favorite of the sprout shows is Make Way for Noddy. I can't tell you how much I adore it! Noddy is a little wooden toy who lives in Toyland. He drives around this adorable red and yellow taxi and even flies a little red and yellow plane. And his clothes...his blue jingle bell hat and his yellow scarf with red polka dots just make me smile. Fortunately Braeden likes him too. Noddy isn't his favorite, but he still likes to watch him. The song sticks in my head all day. Make sure you have your speakers turned up if you visit the link above because you'll get to hear the song too! :)

Sometimes Braeden just wants to watch a video. He doesn't care what we try to tempt him with (Dora, Diego, Spongebob), it's a video or nothing else. We don't have too many for him to choose from, so I guess we need to build up our collection. He likes the Disney movies I have, Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. He also likes Monsters, Inc. He LOVES Shrek especially the third one with the Shrek babies. In fact, I finally got to see the whole movie the other night. We watched it two nights after dinner which is how I finally got to see the end.

And on rare occasions we let Bray watch cartoons in the middle of the day on a weekend. Like if it's raining, or one of us is sick. And sometimes he watches football or tennis with me. Or music videos or autocross or formula one racing with Mat. He likes the funny-looking cars racing around the track. And I like the noise they make.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The things he says

Here's a cute, quick story about Braeden...I made Mat write this one up because he knows the book and was there to have the conversation with Mat.

So Bray has a book (I think it is called “Giggle Giggle Quack”) that he likes very much and he and I have read it many times. Basically, the story centers on a farmer who goes on vacation and leaves his brother in charge of the farm. The farmer leaves the brother handwritten notes describing how to care for the animals. During the story, the brother is fooled by a crafty barnyard duck, who replaces the farmer’s notes with all sorts of silly instructions of his own design (telling the brother to order pizza for the hens, bathe the pigs in the house tub with the farmer’s special bubble bath, etc.). Anyway, before the farmer leaves for his vacation, he (ominously) tells the brother to “Keep an eye on duck, he’s a bad influence on the cows.” In our hallway, we have a nightlight that Gage is a little obsessed with. He always wants to play with it, and Bray enjoys playing sheriff and yelling at him about not screwing around with it. At one point this weekend, Bray told me to “Keep an eye on Gage, he’s a bad influence on the nightlight.”