Sunday, January 27, 2008

Matthew's b-day party

If you read Gage's blog, you know we went to Matthew's birthday last week at Kidsport (the same group that runs the Tumblebus). We had a great time! So many of Braeden's friends were there--Alex (one of his best friends who moved up to the next room a few months ago), Makena, CJ (whose party we went to at CiCi's last month), Zander and his older sister, Isabella, the other Brayden, and a few other kids we didn't know. Inside Kidsport is a giant facility with areas where kids can do different activities. There was a pit filled with foam blocks that the kids could jump into and then "swim" through, a couple areas with mats for flooring that were set up with different activities (trampolines, slides, etc.), and areas that were more gymnastics-oriented.

The kids started out with a sitting around a parachute. The instructors led them in some stretches then they all stood up to flutter the parachute. Braeden had ZERO interest in this. I remember doing the parachute thing at an annual gym show in elementary school. Fun. So I was a little sad that Braeden wasn't interested in playing along. We actually had a hard time with him at the beginning of the party because he wanted to stay in the foam block pit and the instructors wanted to keep all the kids together.

After the parachute, they moved the kids over to a different area where they had a ... set up. They swung from a rope, went over an obstacle, jumped on a trampoline, and walked across a balance beam. They were supposed to do each activity in a certain order, one at a time, but they're three so they skipped around to their favorite activities and jumped onto the trampoline with their friends. It was wild!

Bray was a champ on the balance beam...he must get that from Mat! I know they walk the balance beam at Tumblebus sometimes, so he's gotten lots of practice.

Here's a cute picture of Braeden with Makena. I should have run around to the other side so I could get Braeden's face, but things were pretty chaotic so I took what I could get.

When they were done with this, they had another circuit set up with a bar the kids could hang from, a couple tunnels to crawl through, a slide, and a ladder to climb up. This circuit ended with the kids jumping into the foam block pit. Braeden did the circuit four or five times! And each time he jumped into the pit, he would count to 10 first. He loves counting and he loves being absolutely sure everyone is watching him!

The party ended with lots of snacks (chips, cheese and crackers, grapes, cheetos) and cake. Matthew's mom ran over to me as we were getting ready to leave with a present for Braeden. She's a very sweet woman (remember her worrying we would double-book their parties??) All the kids got to leave with a helium balloon, so Braeden was thrilled. This was also the day we had the snow, so it was fun for me to watch the snow come down the whole time we were at the party. And Gage slept through the whole thing in the Moby. He woke up as we were getting ready to leave. Perfect timing.

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