Sunday, October 28, 2007

So much to say

Over fall break we always go to the beach, and this year we met my parents in Virginia Beach for a long weekend. Virginia Beach is about a four hour drive for us. It's always funny to me that it takes less time to get there than it does to go to Atlantic Beach in North Carolina. That's just weird to me.

Me Ma and P Pa bought Braeden a bucket and shovel so he could dig holes and fill his bucket with water to make mud pies. Braeden did not want to get wet. He loved the sand and liked having water in his bucket, but he was not interested in dipping his toes in the ocean. He did think it was funny when P Pa brought handfuls of water to him to wet his toes. That was okay, but the waves were very scary to him. The weather was great, in the 70s each day, and the water was still pretty warm so it was nice to stand in the surf.

Mat and I went out to dinner one night and left Braeden with Me Ma and P Pa. We had a great meal sitting outside on the boardwalk watching the ocean. The only downside to the evening was the fighter jets that flew overhead. In fact, they were always flying overhead. We couldn't help but think about how much money was being wasted each time one of them screamed overhead. Braeden enjoyed watching them, but they truly drowned out all conversation! We also saw helicopters and regular jets. And there was a speedboat that towed parasailers with a giant multi-colored parachute. Braeden loved all of them!

This was Braeden's third trip to the beach and each time we've been, I've made sure to get a family photo. Braeden was too busy during our big trips to the beach to sit still for a posed photo, so the last thing we did before we got in the car to leave Tuesday morning was head to the beach for the picture. Big mistake! Braeden wanted to take his shoes and socks off and play in the sand, but we knew we had a four hour drive ahead of us and didn't want to do it with a sandy Braeden. So he was pretty upset with us! It took a LONG time to calm him down. Then we got this first picture of Braeden, Me Ma and me.

When he was calm enough, I got my family photo at the beach.

And on our way back to the parking garage, I snapped this picture of Braeden with Me Ma and P Pa because I just thought they were so cute!

Last weekend we went to the Razz and Tazz Farm with Grandma and Grandpa Pete. We walked through the corn maze and played in a mini-silo full of dried corn kernels.

Braeden rode on the cow train--individual cow cars towed by a big tractor. You never know with Braeden, but he LOVED the cow train! He rode it three times.

Braeden climbed up to the top of a stack of hay bales and loved sitting up so high!

We walked through the corn maze once, but Braeden ran ahead so far I had to send Mat running after him. I was worried Braeden would cut through the corn and get lost in the maze instead of staying on the path. So we just walked the maze the one time. On our way out, we bought pumpkins for the front yard. One big pumpkin and four small ones (Braeden loved picking out the small pumpkins and putting them in the wagon).

The biggest thing to happen, though, is Braeden's newfound success on the potty! Thursday and Friday the day care put Braeden in real underpants so that he would have the motivation to pee on the potty and keep his underpants dry. He had an accident each day, but each day he also peed on the potty. But this weekend he was a real champ! He kept a pull-up dry all day Saturday and Sunday. He would tell us he needed to pee and we would head out to the kitchen where we'd put the potty. He needed a little help getting his jeans down, but then he peed on the potty. I didn't keep track, but he probably peed five or six times Sunday! He was so proud of himself...he loves flushing the pee down the toilet and picking out his three M&Ms afterwards! We're looking forward to seeing his progress continuing at day care this week. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


When Mat woke Braeden up this morning one of the first things he did was tell his daddy he needed to go potty. Mat helped him out of his PJs and diaper and Braeden went to sit on the potty. He asked Mat to read him a book and Mat reminded Braeden that we didn't read on the potty until after he peed. And then Braeden peed on the potty!

He got to eat M&Ms this morning and wear a pull-up to school! And he made his mommy and daddy so proud!

Is this progress? Too soon to tell.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Naked weekend

I'm typing this downstairs on our couch; Mat and Braeden are still sleeping. Periodically, from upstairs, I hear a loud thump. I keep expecting Braeden to wake up since the thumping happens when he slams some part of his body into the wall, but he seems to sleep through it. I always worry it's his head he's bumping, but sometimes when we check on him we find his feet or legs resting against the wall. So I console myself with that knowledge and hope he's not giving himself a headache or brain damage.

Braeden spent most of yesterday naked and will likely spend today the same way. Mat took him for a haircut in the morning then to the grocery store. When they got home around 10 or so, the clothes and diaper came off. Mat noticed the diaper was dry. We brought his potty down to the living room and spent the rest of the morning reading books, watching cooking, and playing. I would remind him about the potty but he seemed completely unconcerned about it or a need to pee. He ate lunch (naked) and we went back to the living room. In an effort to tip his hand, I kept offering him drinks. Water before lunch, chocolate milk after lunch. Finally, around 2:30 or 3:00, four to five hours after the diaper came off, the kid peed in his potty. He was very excited and we clapped and cheered and told him how proud we were!

After his M&Ms, he asked for a pull-up so he and Mat could go outside to play. After dinner, we took the wet pull-up off. Mat had asked him outside if he needed to go to the potty, but Braeden always said no. Clearly he's still not ready to tell us and give up peeing on the go.

Braeden had his bath and took up his usual post-bath position on the potty. But this time, he actually peed! I promised him his M&Ms this morning since he had already had his teeth brushed. But I was very surprised that he peed at all. He sits on the potty every night after bathtime and never produces anything!

Sunday will be day two, naked. But whatever progress we make at home, I can't help but worry it will all be undone at school. Braeden refuses to sit on the potty at school. I honestly think some of it is obstinence. But I believe some of it is not wanting to miss out on something when he's in the bathroom. He needs to start understanding that he's going to keep losing his friends one by one as they move up to the next room. He's already lost his bestest friends Alex and Tristan. Who's next?