Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm almost too excited to type!

Braeden peed on the potty this morning! I was showering...I can't believe I missed it! But Mat went up this morning when Braeden woke up, helped him out of his pjs and diaper, and then read books to him while Braeden sat on the potty. (Our morning tradition) When they finished reading, Mat told him it was time to get up and get his diaper on, but Braeden told him he was peeing. Mat looked, and sure enough, Braeden was!

When Braeden was done, they went in the bathroom and flushed the pee. When they came downstairs, Mat gave him three M&Ms! I came out a few minutes later and saw Braeden holding the M&Ms I knew immediately that he had used the potty! I gave him lots of kisses and told him how proud I was. And I told him that he's like Michael now (the little boy who learns to use the potty in the book)! Braeden seemed very proud of himself too!

I told the woman at school that Braeden had used the potty at home and asked her to encourage him to do it at school too. We're just so excited!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Wow! Finally! Braeden sat on the potty tonight! No diaper!

A while back we bought a potty book and have been reading it almost every day for weeks. Braeden loves the book and always looks really excited when Michael gets his potty. But even with the book and our third potty, he had no interest in sitting on it.

Tonight after his bath I went upstairs to help him into his pjs and I asked him if he wanted to sit on his potty. And he did! But he wanted to sit on the potty with the lid on, so we did that for a little bit first. We talked about what colors his potty were, then I showed him the shapes on his seat and how soft and cushy it is. When he finally sat on the open seat, Mat and I clapped and cheered. Braeden thought that was great, but then he jumped up, closed the lid again, and sat down. So we stopped cheering. We did this over and over again until I honestly thought that was all that would happen tonight.

But we kept showing him that we were excited when he sat on the potty the right way and nothing would happen when he sat the wrong way. I asked him if he wanted to read a book. Mat suggested we read the Michael potty book, so Braeden ran naked to get it and when he came back, he sat on the potty to read it. We read four books with Braeden on the potty!

Nothing happened, but at least he was sitting naked on his potty! We talked to him about doing it again tomorrow morning, so hopefully he'll still be excited about our excitement and want to do it all again.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Too cute

I'm the first one to admit that I've had issues since day one with our day's not that I worry about Braeden while he's there because I think the care is top-notch. But there are things that bug me. There's one woman in particular, actually, who moved out of the baby room and into the three-year-old room. I'm hoping she moves again before Braeden has to move up to that room. But leaving her aside, Friday the teachers in the two-year-old rooms did the sweetest thing for us parents.

When I picked Braeden up that afternoon the teacher gave me a CD with his name on it. Later that night I popped it into my computer and found that it was full of pictures of Braeden and a powerpoint slideshow of all the kids in both two-year-old rooms. Each kid got a few minutes of screen time and at the end, they included pictures of the kids enjoying the everyday stuff--popsicles, water play, etc. I thought I'd post a couple of my favorite pictures here so everyone could enjoy them like Mat and I did!

Hopefully this isn't a sign that Braeden will be into basketball when he grows up!

I love how sullen he looks in this photo.

On days they eat popsicles, Braeden is a sticky disgusting mess when we pick him up. It's nice to see how cute he is actually eating the popsicle, rather than just dealing with its sticky aftermath!

Every Thursday, the kids have water play day. We take in a swimmie diaper, swimmie trunks, and a towel.

Now that we know the kids lay out in the sun on their towels to dry off after water play day, we feel terrible that we've been sending Braeden with such a tiny towel. From now on, that kid gets a full-sized towel for water play day!