Monday, March 05, 2007

Trip to the Dentist

Mat and I took Braeden to the dentist this morning for his first appointment. Part of me wanted to laugh during the entire appointment. They took us right back to an exam room, and the tech asked Braeden if he wanted to get in the BIG chair. He took one look at it and freaked. If he could have, I'm certain he would have climbed right back inside me rather than touch the chair.

You have to try to picture the tiny exam room with the BIG chair, lots of dental equipment, very little room to stand, and three adults and a panicking toddler. It was TIGHT in there! I manage to get him in the chair by promising it sit in it with him. Braeden's starting to calm down, but then the tech reclined the chair. I'm laying down now, but Braeden is sitting straight up almost on my chest. He would not lay back, no matter how much I pleaded with him. After a few minutes the tech gave up and put the chair back up again.

She gave Braeden a little whale toothbrush, then got out the spinning brush she planned to use on his teeth. The tech was pretty good at this point, because she showed Braeden the spinning motion and let him touch it with his finger. He thought this was very funny, and I think it must have tickled his finger because he laughed. He even liked the fruity-flavored toothpaste. But when she came near his mouth, he was not opening up! After what felt like an hour, the tech was able to brush his two front teeth. But that was it! Braeden did, however, ask for and get toothpaste on his whale toothbrush about a dozen times. But did he use the whale to brush his teeth? Oh no, he just licked the toothpaste off the brush and asked for 'moe'.

The dentist came in, and he was able to look at Braeden's teeth quickly. He said everything looked good. Apparently lots of space between baby teeth is not something to be concerned with. Mat was convinced we should set aside savings now to cover Braeden's eventual orthodontics bill, but it sounds like we might dodge that bullet after all!

All in all, the trip wasn't too bad. We have our next appointment in September. On Me-Ma's birthday, no less!

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