Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Braeden got to dip his toes in the ocean on our vacation in Virginia Beach. The weather was beautiful and the ocean was still pretty warm, but it was windy. I don't think Braeden loved the ocean as much as his mom and dad, at least not this year. Next year he'll get to go in the water and will hopefully have a better time. Which is not to say that he didn't enjoy his vacation!!

The timeshare was right on the beach so we had great views out the wall of windows in the bedrooms. The boardwalk was three miles long giving us lots of room to test out his new umbrella stroller his grandparents brought for him. We bought him a blue VA Beach hat but Braeden wasn't so into that. He kept pulling it off and throwing it on the ground. We're going to keep trying though. His dad loves hats, and so does his P-Pa...genetics is too strong to resist!

We went to the aquarium on Monday and bought Braeden a green plastic cup with an orca on it--too cute. He's going to love banging it on the floor, high chair, table, his mommy's head, whatever he can reach. And one day he'll hopefully love to drink out of it too.

Braeden spent most of the trip with his fingers in his mouth...his front top two teeth are starting to poke through the gums. For some reason, there seems to be a direct correlation between teething and his maternal grandparents. If the pattern sticks, his next teeth won't come in until Christmas! :)

As much as we all loved the vacation, it was good to come home and get back into Braeden's everyday routine. However, when we left Friday there was just one case of the pox, chicken that is, at the day care. Now there are many cases! And two in the infant room...stay tuned!

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G-mama said...

We enjoyed every moment of the Virginia Beach vacation with you three! Thanks for sharing the time with us and the time-share! The views of sunrise and moon shine were spectacular. Braeden was a little trooper and I cannot recall anything that he did that wasn't either cute, insightful, or brilliant (hat wearing aside)! We had our photos developed and will send down the CD for you. Thanks again!

And if everyone else has to have the chicken pox, so be it! xG-mama